Automate the logistics of building your software company.

You’re building something people want.

We’re building your company.

What We Do.

We give software startup founders customized recipes to turn ideas into businesses positioned for painless growth.

At Odumn, we've built a B2B service platform and suggestion engine designed specifically to help founders like you avoid pitfalls and quickly determine what services your business needs to scale.
Our mission is to streamline the process of building the infrastructure of your business, so you can focus on what matters most -
building something people want.

How It Works.

You tell us about your business, and we suggest a sequence of actions to turn it into the type of company you want it to become. You can track your progress and compare your business to others in the industry.
As your business grows, we’ll update our suggestions -- as well as our suggestion algorithm -- so that other founders can learn from your successes.

Why We Do It.

As a founder, you need to make quick decisions about your company's infrastructure -- and wrong decisions can hurt. If you incorporate in a state other than Delaware, you may need to transfer your corporate title before VCs will invest. The wrong B2B apps and internal tools can make employees unhappy and unproductive.
We want to make it easy for founders to make the right decisions about their companies' infra, without them needing to be experts in VC incorporation preferences or categories of internal tooling.
Ever expanding B2B offerings, regulatory changes, and differences in macro condtions mean that the right decision for a startup today is often not the right decision for a startup in a similar position a year ago. We think that building out the scaffolding of a company that attracts top talent and inspires investor confidence should be easier.